Public domain photo of docked ships in Hamburg in the late nineteenth centuryy that was altered with the Topaz DeJPEG plug-in, then the Photoshop paintbrush, then the Topaz Clarity plug-in (contrast boost edgy effect), then the Topaz ReStyle plug-in (old Hollywood beaches effect), then the Topaz DeNoise plug-in, then AutoMagic Creative Art Effects Gen2 (pen and ink effect), then the Topaz Impression plug-in (a pencil haze type 7 effect set to original), then the Topaz ReStyle plug-in (iceberg and manitou blue effect), then the Topaz Texture Effects plug-in (mauve glaze), Alien Skin Exposure X plug-in (tone adjustments), then the Nik Color Efex Pro 4 plug-in (Fly 5 beach portrait 1 effect), then the Photoshop paintbrush, and then the Alien Skin Exposure X plug-in (tone adjustments and vignette effect). Public domain image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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