Public domain photo of a gondola near the San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice in the late nineteenth century that was altered with JixiPix Artoon (vectoon effect; base image), then then the Topaz Black & White Effects plug-in (lavender grey effect), then the AKVIS Sketch plug-in (charcoal high effect; charcoal image), then the Topaz Lens Effects plug-in on the base image (graduated color blue effect), then the Topaz Clarity plug-in (micro color boost effect), then the Topaz Impression plug-in (pencil haze effect), then the Photoshop paintbrush, then the Topaz Impression plug-in (pencil sketch by Tony Sweet effect; sketch image), then the sketch image was overlaid and merged with the charcoal image (base image 2), then the ON1 Photo 10 plug-in on the base image 2 (darken sky effect), then the Nik Color Efex Pro 4 plug-in (Flypaper Textures candle effect), and then the Photoshop paintbrush. Public domain image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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